Saturday, 22 October 2011

You give me something ...

There are a few artists that I can listen to over and over again without becoming bored of the song. For me, James Morrison is one of them. There is something about his incredibly rich and grainy sound that - without sounding cliche -  takes me away to another place. My all time top James Morrison songs include "You give me something", "Pieces don't fit any more" and "This boy".

Above is my cover of "You give me something" with guitarist Jason Lipman. Below are some of my favourite lyrics found in the song "Pieces don't fit any more".

Have a read and let me know what you think.

"I've been twisting and turning,
In a place that's too small.
I've been drawing the line and watching it fall".

The imagery used in this opening line helps the listener connect with song. Immediately I picture a frustrated individual  who feels increasingly trapped in their relationship. 

                           "Well I can't explain why it's not enough,
 Cause I gave it all to you,
And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now,
It's the better thing to do.
It's time to surrender,
It's been to long pretending,
There's no use in trying,
When the pieces don't fit anymore, 
Pieces don't fit here anymore."

Never a truer word spoken. Sometimes we find relationships  change, be it friends or partners. There is no use fighting it, it is natural and healthy. Morrison puts it so simply -  "the pieces don't fit any more". I like to think we walk with different people throughout the course of life.



  1. that so well done!! you're an amazing singer. keep it up.

  2. wow beautiful voice:) great video!

  3. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  4. Love the music! =)


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