Monday, 24 October 2011

it's all gone silver

It's all gone silver. It really has. Until recently I would only wear gold, but in the last few months I have begun collecting silver pieces. Above our my staples that I wear every day. 

Picture 1 is a piece that is particularly important to me. The chain was given to me by my Aunt Marlene. I have attached a key to a secret box I keep and my uncle's two army badges. I love this necklace as it hangs really low and can be worn with a shorter necklace above it.

Picture 2 is a Maria Rudman bracelet given to me for my 21st birthday. Maria Rudman is probably my favourite jewellery designer. Her pieces are handmade using braided pewter on leather. Available at Feathers.

Picture 3 shows a new necklace I bought from H&M. I like it but have recently decided that I am going to take off the bottle cap charm.

Picture 4 is a silver bangle my Mum gave me. This bangle sits really well next to the Maria Rudman.

Picture 5 is a necklace I recently bought from American Eagle in New York. I fell in love with the little eagle!

Which is your favourite?



  1. I was the opposite to you so I totally understand. i was massively in to my silver jewellery and always was but then got bought some classic gold peices of jewellery for a bday and swapped to Gold. I still love silver jewellery though - and adore that first necklace you've posted especially because it has such sentimental meaning.

    Anna xo

  2. Gorgeous. I love all your pieces! xx

  3. Hi! I'm crazy about gold, but your pieces look so good! sometimes I want to buy some silver, but I usually go back home with something gold my destination?:P
    And unfortunately the hat from my last post is from last autumn. so it's no more available:( But i think there are a lot of similar hats in another shops, so you can find it without any problems!
    xoxo nik

  4. I like your style, wonderful accessorises!
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  5. Gorgeous,love all these pieces,Ive wanted to get my hands on a Maria Rudman bracelet,ever since I saw it in one of the ads in the back of vogue!
    Following your fab blog x

  6. These are beautiful.
    I'm coming out of semi-lurkerdom to say that printed on the key in the first photo is the name 'Willenhall' which is actually the small town I live in. which i think is pretty cool. Do you have a story with it ?


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