Monday, 23 January 2012

frozen angora.

Angora sweater: Rokit
Shirt: American Apparel
Leather trousers: Zara
Sandals: Steve Madden
Necklace and rings: Vintage

Rummaging through the rails in Rokit, Camden I came across this angora jumper - what a find! Today I have teamed this little beaut  with my white American Apparel shirt and Zara leather trousers. The jumper is the "wow" piece in the outfit and so doesn't need a huge amount of accessorizing. I am wearing a vintage gold chain and ring from my Granny.  I have also recently bought a burnt orange tee from Cos which I can't wait to pair under the jumper - the colours will pop!

What are your thoughts on angora? Someone once told me if you put it in the freezer it stops malting on you ... ?! Any tips?


  1. I freaking love this outfit! I've never braved angora myself but after seeing this I might need to! x

  2. I love your rings! The heart one is gorgeous and I can't get enough of that jewel ring as well! I need to start popping in vintage spots and hit the jewelry counter!

  3. I don't wear angora so I wouldn't know about the freezer tip, although it is worth a try! The jumper is such a great find, I love what you've worn it with too. xo

  4. love the shirt! <3

  5. Love the fluffy sweater :D

  6. I wouldn't know anything about angora but I'd probably google it... that's one amazing sweater... I've got a vintage one in an even brighter blue shade and it's got tons of sequins like in a collar design up front.. I guess you could pull off a DIY like that.. or wear it with insanely big and chunky necklaces or collars.. either way it is pretty cool


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