Thursday, 12 January 2012

dr me martin please.

 Dr Martins: Camden Market

"You have got to be joking?" My Dad asks in front of the whole family as I walk in to the kitchen wearing my "skinhead" Dr Martin boots. "What are you doing with them?!" He continues.

It is not unusual for my Dad to ask questions about my outfit, but this time he seemed suprised with an air of genuine concern.

"Yep, they are Dr Martins and I promise I am not joining a skinhead gang any time soon Dad", I reply and quickly  change the subject onto "what are we having for lunch"...

I do see where he is coming from. For my Mum and Dad, Dr Martins are/or were strongly associated with 1970s "skinhead" violence. The DM was an important and symbolic feature of the skinhead "uniform" so to speak, which was made up of jeans  (rolled up to show the boots), braces, shirt (buttoned to the top) and a flight jacket. 

Needless to say, despite their connotations, DMs and other lace up platform boots have been key to AW10. Teamed with skinny jeans or flirty dresses construction boots has proved to be a best seller - selling out across the highstreet. I can't see many skinheads wearing DMs and leopard print leggings.

What are your thoughts on the Dr Martin boot?


  1. You were right to wear them! I looooove Dr Martens! They are classic boots and I am proud of the fact they are British. I want a floral pair and also cherry boots with 14 ringlets! :]

  2. Vile. Comfy though.

  3. Ridiculous story there. What happened after? Take care!

  4. i love dr. martin shoes and boots,
    awesome, good design, good quality and also comfortable


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