Tuesday, 3 January 2012

new year.

 Coat: Zara
Trousers: Topshop
Top: Primark
Wedges: Zara

In the words of Nina Simone:

 "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me... and I am feeling good".

It sure is. 2012 is going to be good for all of us - just you wait.  A new chapter, new page, new start. I love the new year. I enjoy compiling my list of new year's resolutions and thinking about ways I can improve myself, things I want to work towards and new goals and aspirations. Ok, enough preaching S-J - more fashion.

Today I am wearing my peg leg Topshop trousers and Zara coat  teamed with my fluffy primark jumper which cost only £6.00 - what a bargain - if I say so myself. Tucked in or out this round neck jumper adds a bit of texture to a simple workwear outfit. My Zara wedges give a little height and create the illusion - note my use of the word illusion (!) - of longer legs.

Have you had any luck this Christmas? How has your bargain hunting gone?


  1. Major love for the wedges babe. x

  2. Beautiful look! I adore the Zara coat & fluffy jumper :)

    <3 Shawna

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog is really good, glad you commented following now :) That coat is amazing btw! xx


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