Saturday, 15 October 2011

boho shmoho

I never get bored of Boho, and neither do the fashion stores. Year and year out, boho comes creeping back in to all of our favourite shops. In fact, I saw a yummy Urban outfitters poncho   that I would love to get my hands on if my cash card wasn't feeling so ill and hard done by!! 

I think as a blonde it's an easy trend to work with. In fact,  I think I actually go out of my way sometimes to move away from it ... especially when my Grandma asks me for the one millionth time whether I have brushed my hair (!) and if I should get a new leather jacket as this one is falling apart. To which I respond... 'it's the look Grandma'! 

Anyway, today I felt like embracing the shabby boho inside. I am wearing an old white collarless shirt, teamed with skinny jeans and my old brown leather jacket -  which I found a few years back - suprisingly in Hollister of all places! My jewellery is all vintage apart from the triangle pendant necklace from Urban Outfitters  and the beaded necklace from Cos. My scarf is not actually a scarf - and was stolen from my aunts' attic - it was a skirt she bought from India.... 'I'll take that' !!!

What do you think of my scarf? Maybe I could invent a new SKarf!

Love S-J

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